The Phuket Directory


The Phuket Directory consists of more than 3000 listings, and is constantly updated with fresh information.

The name Phuket (of which the ph sound is an aspirated p) is apparently derived from the word bukit in Malay which means "hill", as this is what the island appears like from a distance.

Here you are able to search or browse to find phone numbers, emails and addresses to Hotels and Companies around the island. That could come in handy during your stay.

Among other you may find the locations of many good restaurants, clubs and discotheques.

Other interesting reading

Nai Harn Beach ...ou can go for some snorkeling just in from of The Royal Phuket Yatch Club, or do some surfing. There is not much of shopping around here, apart from the usual 7 eleven, and a fe...

Kata Restaurants ...ational and Thai Seafood), Rico's Steakhouse and Pizzeria (Strakhouse and Pizza), Sai Nahm Restaurant (Thai Food), The Tavern (International Food), Tiffin Mama (Thai Seafood), Toma...